Wednesday, February 4, 2009

*Huge questions about UK student visa?

I'm only 14 now, but when I get older I'd like to go to a four year college in America (where I live) and then get a student visa to go to medical school in England. I have some questions now, however, to see if this is really a logical idea.
1.) How hard is it to get one, and how do you get it?
2.) How long does your student visa enable you to stay there?
3.) After completing your studies, is it possible to gain English citizenship, or do you need to get a work visa?
4.) How are the medical schools in England compared to the one's in the US, France, Italy, and the rest of the UK?

Answer on *Huge questions about UK student visa?

First of all, you have to check the school you want to go to in UK if they will recognize the pre-med degree you did in US. Because as far as I know and understand, their education system is different from US. Secondly, it's not hard for you to get a student visa as long as you get accepted in the school and provide all the necessary documents. The validity of the student visa is for the duration of your course. For your third question, it actually depends. I'm not sure if they offer extended visa to students who does medicine. Please check with the school you plan to go to. For your fourth question, it really depends where you plan to practice and which specialization you plan to take.