Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What r some good weight loss tips?

anything u got would be appreciated

Answer on What r some good weight loss tips?

Eat two bowls of porridge(oatmeal) a day, put banana in it, or apple, not both lol

Basically its really healthy and stop you from being hungry

Put a little sugar or jam in it too if its too bland

Why are my twin daughters so different?

They are both in 6th grade and girls. I think it has something to do with the fact that Emily Ann looks different from Sophia Noelle. Emily Ann is 5'2" tall, and is somewhat larger at 128 pounds. She is also quite developed for her age. Sophia Noelle is 4'11" tall, and a bit smaller at 87 pounds. They have completely different fashion tastes. Emily Ann prefers clothing with a "goth" style, and Sophia Noelle has a more classic, feminine style. They have very different friends as well. Emily Ann makes friends with other kids with interests in Anime as she has. Sophia Noelle does cheer-leading after school, so she is friends with many other cheer-leaders. As for grades, Emily Ann is very smart but doesn't put forth her best effort some of the time. She still gets good grades and is on the honor roll. Sophia Noelle is, quite frankly, not as smart, but she puts forth a ton of effort and is therefore on the honor roll as well. Emily Anne doesn't have many activities. I forced her to do a sport, so she does gymnastics, and is on Level 1 and goes to practices for 6 hours a week - 3 days a week for 2 hours each. I know that's not usual for Level 1, but I want her to stay active. She is also in Literary Club at school. Sophia Noelle does Pop Warner cheer-leading for 5 hours a week during the fall, basketball for 4 hours in the winter, and soccer for 4 hours in the spring. Year round she does several styles of dance for 4 hours a week. Both girls act and sing, but they sing totally differently. Sophia Noelle usually sings show tunes and Emily Ann usually sings Justin Bieber. The musical for the middle school hasn't started yet, but for the elementary school last year, the show was Cinderella. Sophia Noelle played Cinderella and Emily Ann played the duke. I was so proud of both of them! At school lately, there have been some issues about Emily Ann bullying several girls. We haven't completely sorted that out yet. Also, Emily Ann has been caught wearing heavy makeup, which she is by no means allowed to do. My rule is, only lipgloss until you're 13. Emily Ann is a lot tougher to cope with, but I love her just as much. An issue that I've had lately with Sophia Noelle is that she needs a room of her own. Sophia Noelle is much neater than Emily Ann, and they share a room. Sophia Noelle has issues with this because Emily Ann's stuff is always all over her side of the room!

How can I be supportive of both girls. I love them equally!

Answer on Why are my twin daughters so different?

My sister and I are twins. Growing up we were entirely different. I was tall with blonde curly hair. My sister was 2 inches shorter with black straight hair. She sort of looked Hawaiian. I liked to play with dolls and tea sets. She liked to climb trees. I loved drawing and painting and actually won a prize in my community. My sister couldn't draw anything.

My sister was athletically gifted. I was a klutz. We both learned to drive at the same time. She would zip the car out when backing up and then take off. I would gingerly work my way back, hoping no one was in the way. My sister has an analytical personality and I have an emotional personality.

My sister grew up to be a doctor; she's a family physician. I grew up to be a teacher, and I love it!

I would say that you should NOT COMPARE them, but encourage them in the areas that they are interested in. If separate rooms are possible, please do it! We didn't get our own rooms until high school, and it caused unnecessary conflict.

Good luck!