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The spanish armada was a great british victory?

lots of patriot british say this sentence and say too that this battle changed the history in the world but

1.After the spanish armada,the spanish won some battles.a year after de spanish armada, england sold the english armada for trie of Knockout to spain and was a epic fail. Francis drake tried conquest the spanish colonies in the caribbean and died. In 1595,a little spanish fleet sacked cornwall and won the anglospanish war (1585-1604)

2.Spain didn,t lost any colonies.

3.the treaty of london was more favourable to spain. The war started for 3 things and spain got 2 (England promessed didn,t send more pirates and didn,t help holland in the war) but spain promessed impose the catholic religion in england.

4.Spain was the most powerfull in europe until 1659 and lost his powwer in europe for france.

5.britain wasn,t a true empire until the seven year,s war

6.Spain dominated the sea until the Battle of the Downs in 1639 and lost to holland.England didn,t dominated the sea until the century XVIII with navigators as cook

sorry for my english, i am mexican

Answer on The spanish armada was a great british victory?

The Spanish Armada was an English victory, helped by the weather. The English ships were able to disrupt the Armada from its main goal of transporting a Spanish army across the English Channel, and the weather did the rest. The loss of ships to the Spanish certainly reduced their power, not to mention the cost of replacing them. The battle may not have changed the world on the day but it certainly signalled the beginning of the decline of Spain as a Great Power.
On the other points you are substantially correct, although defining what is or is not an Empire can be difficult

How should I start exercising?

I'm a 20 year old female, around 160-170 pounds, 6 feet tall, and I have normal blood pressure, but I also have a vasospastic/circulatory condition called Raynaud's Phenomenon. I am usually not very active except when I walk to my classes and walk my dog to the dog park, but I want to start exercising more and getting more in shape. Weight loss isn't my main goal, fat loss is though.

Anyway, I would ask one of the personal trainers at my colleges' gym but getting a meeting with one is difficult because they're so busy. I just want to know, how should I start exercising? I know if you try to push yourself too much at first it can be bad for your heart, so I just want to make sure I'm doing this right.

Also, I eat all the right foods including: lower sodium, low/no cholestoral, low fat, low sugar, I incorporate organics and natural foods into my diet, no fast foods, egg whites, fish, lots of fruits and veggies with anti oxidants, high protein and fiber, no sodas, etc. so dieting isn't really my problem, exercising definitely is though.

Answer on How should I start exercising?

With Raynaulds it is recommended to participate in exercise to help with circulation. Since you want to start loosing fat weight, it would be best to stick with cardiovascular exercises mostly and to supplement with light resistance training for preservation of muscle. Since you have Raynaulds, I would assume you know what your particular triggers are for attacks. Since some may be caused from colder temps, I would suggest walking indoors to start off and during the summer, venture outside. Make sure you do not wear tight accessories that will restrict blood flow to your extremities.

Proposed cardiovascular routine:
Properly stretch for 5 minutes involving lower body muscle groups through static (hold it) stretching
Walking at normal pace on 0% grade for 15 mins and increasing by 1-3 minutes each subsequent
session - Do at least 4 -7 days a week. Once getting to 30 minutes and maintaining for about 3 sessions, begin increasing the incline to 5% and drop back down to 15 minutes and repeat the cycle back up to 30 minutes. Increase the incline again and repeat.