Monday, March 9, 2009

Italians named Isabella?

I need a list of Italians named Isabella, people that live in Italy still.


Answer on Italians named Isabella?

On Italian Wikipedia there are the following articles about Italians now living in Italy, whose name begins with "Isabella":
* Isabella Bertolini, politician.
* Isabella Camera d'Afflitto, scholar of Arabic culture.
* Isabella Iannetti, singer.
* Isabella Seragnoli, entrepreneur.
* Isabella Verney, model.
* Isabella Bordoni, theater actress.
* Isabella Biagini, cinema actress and TV showgirl.
* Isa Bellini, stage name of Isabella Bellini, singer, actress, and dubbing actress.
* Isabella Corbellini, runner athlete.
* Isabella Ferrari, stage name of Isabella Fogliazza, cinema, TV and theater actress.
* Isa Gallinelli, stage name of Isabella Gallinelli, cinema actress.
* Isabella Iannetti, stage name of Carmela Iannetti, singer.
* Isabella Pasanisi, dubbing actress and dubbing director.
* Isabella Ragonese, actress.
* Isabella Valdettaro, model.
* Isabella Zilio, volleyball player.
* Isabella Arrigoni, swimmer and TV host.
* Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti, writer.
* Isabella De Bernardi, actress.
* Isabella Orsini, actress.
* Isabella Rauti, politician.
* Isabella Santacroce, writer.
* Isa B, stage name of Isabella Valentini, TV host.

Isabella Rossellini (… ) lived in Italy for her first 19 years.

Here are some other people named "Isabella" and residing in Italy, found on Italian White Pages:
Isabella Rossi:…
Isabella Russo:…
Isabella Ferrari:…
Isabella Bianchi:…