Sunday, March 29, 2009

Can you easily get to Vesuvius (or Pompeii) from Sorrento Italy?

I was looking on Wikipedia because I may go to Sorrento, and saw a picture of Vesuvius across the way. I'm not familiar with the geography, so I was wondering if it would be possible to plan a day trip to Vesuvius. I can't seem to get the geography down, and perspective can be misleading in pictures. Thanks for any and all help!

Answer on Can you easily get to Vesuvius (or Pompeii) from Sorrento Italy?

A few years ago, when I was a student and had the time to travel, I was lucky enought to stay in Naples for a while. I travelled down on the Sorrento train to visit Pompeii. It was really easy. You would just have to get the train back the other way, if you see what I mean. I've found this message board :… that gives you some more details about the specific train to catch. The most straight foward route: The rail station in Sorrento is just next to the city center. Get off at "Pompei Scavi Villa Misteri", the station is in front of the entrance to Pompeii.

Pompei was superb and well worth a visit. Top tips: Go early, it's massive and if you want to see all you can you will end up spending a whole day there. Wear a good pair of walking shoes, eg. trainers. There's a lot of walking around on cobbled styled street! Also, a big bottle of water if the day it hot!

I didn't go to Vesuvius, but I've found this blog:… If you read 'between the prose', it explains the train info and bus details on how to get there from Sorrento. It seems you head for Pompeii, get a bus, then do a bit more walking!

Have yourself a fab time!