Sunday, April 5, 2009

Should i quit wrestling?

I am in 9th grade, and am overweight. i am 200 pounds, and am five foot nine.
I enrolled for wrestling in an attempt to get in shape, but my first day of (yesterday) school
i walked in to a huge crowd of upper classmen, and my only friend there was being a dick to me, and literally everyone of these guys are ripped beyond belief, and i am literally the only one that is, not only fat and out of shape, but the only one who hasnt wrestled before.
I dont want to be a fag and quit out, and have to take **** for it.
i have no friends there, and people are really harassing me and messing with me, some of its playful, and some of it are serious insults about my lack of knowledge of anything to do with wrestling.
now, let me list the reasons i would want to stay.
i want to get in shape reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllly bad. but, i have a strength and conditioning class too, and am going to follow the p90x diet and exercise plan.

this is a serious decision for me so please help me and give me some thoughtful answers.

Answer on Should i quit wrestling?

know exactly what you mean im a freshman too,last year i dropped a lot of weight in wrestling its a really fun sport and i was going to quit last year until my coach told me if i quit ill let the team down the more you go to practice and the harder you train the more respect you gain a wrestling team is like a family you fail the whole team fails i wrestled last year at 180 now im at 150 and that's what im going to wrestle at this year