Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello from italy! can you help me? please:):)?

hello, I'm an italian girl, can you help me with this letter? is it right? thank you very much, I don't know if it's ok...:(:(
thanks!!! :)

Dear Kathy,
how are you? I'm very well, I hope you're fine.
Thanks for your last letter!
I'm going to tell you about I'll spend my summer holidays.
Saturday evening I'll go to Tropea, in Calabria (in the South of Italy), with my best friend Micol, her parents, my cousin Laura and my parents. We will stay there for two weeks. I hope we'll have fun like last year, when we went to the same village.
After this trip I'll take part in the Grest [it is a summer group of the church] of my town for two weeks. I hope it will be a good experience such as last year.
When the Grest will finish I'll go to swimming pool with some friends and I think I'll meet my neighbourns who live in Franch, so I'll must speak english with theme. They are two twins 17 years old, I hope they're nice!
Finally 24th August I'll go to a concert, I'm very happy!
Now I must go because my mother wants tell me something...Write me soon!
With love,


Answer on Hello from italy! can you help me? please:):)?

All in all I think it's very good, with a few minor spelling and grammar mistakes, which I'll point out, since I'm not entirely sure what you meant by "is it right". The communication itself is very friendly and just fine.

Did you mean, "I'm going to tell you about HOW I'll spend my summer holidays."? (not in caps, of course.)

Did you mean "I'll go to THE swimming pool"?

Did you mean "I think I'll meet my NEIGHBORS who live in FRANCE, so I must speak English with THEM"?

Did you mean "because my mother want TO tell me something?"

Aside from all that, I say excellent. Just so you know, I'm not a snob or anything and am not being overly snotty with your spelling or grammar, I'm just trying to be helpful, and I hope I succeeded! PS some words are in captials not to shout at you (I dislike that purpose) but to highlight what I'm pointing out.