Tuesday, May 26, 2009

6 Pack Abs/Getting in Shape HELP!! PLZ!!! 10 Points!?

Hi please help me out i need alot of help first of all i am
135 pounds
5'5 ft tall
15 yrs old

I really need help getting in shape for a 6 Pack that's my main goal but i need a plan that will help me like a 7 day DIET PLAN would deeply be appreciated and a EXERCISE PLAN would also, im not fat and im not skinny but i want to lose my Love Handles and extra fat get a flat stomach i need to get devoted i want to lose like 10 Pounds and start workout but i really need all your guys HELP!! plz any Help will be DEEPLY DEEPLY appreciated im kinda lazy but i really would do it if i get the right help


Answer on 6 Pack Abs/Getting in Shape HELP!! PLZ!!! 10 Points!?

Success takes hard work and effort is not a favorite topic for all.
if you do good hard work definitely you will loose fat in your belly and you can get 6 pack.
i hope these tips can be use full to you
1.eat multiple small meals rather than eating 3 times a day.go for hourly small meals load up on fruits, vegetables - but stay away from sugar-laden processed fruit and starchy veggies like potatoes.
in a week you can see the change.then you look not only thinner but also you will have more energy.
in addition also go for the core strengthening exercises such as crunches and sit ups.
one important thing is drink plenty of water daily as it helps in emulsification of fat reserves by breaking down complex fat to simple.
i hope my answer might be of some use to you!