Thursday, June 4, 2009

Girls: Do you do this when you're trying to avoid a guy?

So this girl I like Anne, her one friend named Amanda saw me post on Anne's facebook. She thought I was cute and wanted to text me. So Anne gave my number to Amanda. Anne texts me, "just a head ups... my friend saw you post on my wall and wants to text you... she's cute!" So this girl Amanda starts texting me till I just ignore her cause I'm not interested in anyway.

But here's the deal... I asked Anne out, but she ended up not being able to go for a legit reason.

Was Anna trying to diverge me by passing me on to Amanda?

Answer on Girls: Do you do this when you're trying to avoid a guy?

It could go either way. My friends and i do that too. Cause we're all friends, so we share the same guys. Plus, think of it this way, if this amanda girl said, "can i have his number?" i dont think anne would just say no.. And she might have gave it to her to be nice. I wouldnt look into that too much. And since it was a legit reason, you can't be sure if she is interested or not. Id ask her out again, and if she seems to make up a reason, or shes all weird about giving an answer, then she isnt interested. But other wise, she is.