Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cheap Trains from London To Italy ?

I Need to travel (as cheaply as possible) To Italy i need to get to somewhere near regio de calabria in italy doesn't need to be too close though,Can anyone help me with what the train station in italy is called and how much it will cost me ?
Or any other ways of travelling there cheaply as i normally fly to lamezia by ryanair but they have now stopped it. any other airlines ????

Answer on Cheap Trains from London To Italy ?


'The man in seat 61' is a brilliant resource for rail travel in Europe - here's what he has to say:

"London to Italy by train? Why not? It's remarkably easy, comfortable and affordable, in fact, it's amazing that some people still think you need to fly. Take Eurostar from London to Paris in just 2 hours 25 minutes from ?59 return, then travel by direct overnight sleeper train from Paris to Milan, Florence, Rome, Verona or Venice for as little as ?30 each way including a sleeping berth for the night. This page explains the best routes, train times, fares, what the trains are like, and how to buy tickets."

Overnight trains in Europe are fine - you will usually share a cabin with a couple of same-sex people. You can do overnight Paris to Rome then a 7 hour train down south...

Alternatively there are indirect flights...try - you can fly to Regio de Calabria or Lamezia.

Have fun!