Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What could i add to my recipe .....?

Hello again , i am looking for some ideas to add to my cooking again . I am in the middle of making Quorn meatballs in a tomato sauce base , i have added peppers , onion , mushrooms and courgette , is there anything i could add to give it a kick .. I am currently on a low fat diet , need to lose some pounds for my hols & my well being so i can`t add fattening things .. All answers appreciated , thank you x

PS... This will be served on a bed of pasta ..

Answer on What could i add to my recipe .....?

Hiya sweetie - I'm not sure if you like garlic or not, but that always tastes good in a tomato sauce! If not, add some mixed herbs, maybe a little paprika or cayenne pepper or some dried chili flakes possibly? :o) xxxxxxx