Monday, February 22, 2010

Italy holiday for 2 students?

My bf and I want to go to Italy for our holiday this year, but we aren't sure where to go.
We dont have a big budget, and we arent really interested in history (to a degree). The main aim is a nice beach that is easily accessible.
Any questions, please ask!
Thanks in advance :)

Answer on Italy holiday for 2 students?

Rimini, Cattolica, Riccione. It's cheap and there are lots of clubs. You'll enjoy them! If you want to go sightseeing a bit i suggest you to go to sicily, but it's not so cheap, as the Cinque Terre. If you don't have a big budget you can go to Apulia or Abruzzo. Some very nice places there are Vasto, Pescara, Isole Tremiti (some islands in the Adriatic sea) and Lecce.

How do you make yourself stick with diets, and exercise and things?

All my friends are tiny, and I feel a bit intimidated, along with my older sister, she's extremely small. It's a bit hard. I'm not big, but it wouldn't hurt to lose weight and things. I'm always tempted to eat junk because it's in my house (they can eat whatever they want). Any tips on sticking with it, speeding up your matabolism, and just getting slim quick? (Well, healthy quick.)

Answer on How do you make yourself stick with diets, and exercise and things?

be committed is definitely the best way if u want to get slim quick.remember to always watch what you eat and what you think you love the most,it can be jogging,yoga,pilates,gym,etc.just be cool with everything.however,don't over exercise too much or else your body can't take it,it has limits.