Thursday, March 18, 2010

My friends say I'm a hypocrite... am I?

I was talking with my friends (who are vegetarians) about how I was going to buy a shirt from the PETA website about cruelty to animals. One of them said something like, "That doesn't really make sense." I asked her why not, considering I love animals and do NOT think the horrible treatment by big companies is right--at ALL. She said, "Well that's great, but you're not vegetarian. No offense, but doesn't that kinda make you a hypocrite? Since you say you stand up for animals but you eat them?" I'm a teen and haven't eaten red meat, pork or beef, for over two years now. I tired to go completely vegetarian but didn't because I need the protein as I was/still am growing. Now, I only eat chicken and turkey, and not very often. I really, really wanted to stop eating meat, but my parents wouldn't let me and it was difficult with my diet.
Then we got into the environment and global warming. I do everything I can to be green and am a proud treehugger :) But my friend said I couldn't be if I ate meat.

Is she right? Am I a hypocrite?

Answer on My friends say I'm a hypocrite... am I?

I've been vegetarian for 19 years and I don't think you're a hypocrite. Although if you support PETA, you'll be considered a hypocrite. The reason why is because peta is crazy. Sure they want to treat animals kind, but they ALSO don't want you to eat any animals, not even the ones that have a perfect life before being served to your table. It makes me mad that peta gives vegetarians like me a bad name. I'm all for animals being treated fairly, however, just because I choose not to eat meat doesn't mean i think animals aren't suppose to be eaten by other people. If I were you I would keep your views, but lose your connection to PETA (aka the crazy people that are super annoying)....

KD LANG , may be...?

Hi from Italy.
It' possible that someone can tell me where can I write to her?
I'd like to know if exist an home adress.
may You can help me?
[excuse my bad english, I studied german..;-)]

Answer on KD LANG , may be...?

there is a site (listed below) for fan mail.

I dont think ANY celebrity or person in their right mind want their reall address on the internet.

good luck, hope this will do.