Thursday, May 13, 2010

What do you think of these names?

Darrelynne Charlotte Hennessey
Eve Hennessey
Victoria Joan Hennessey
Cadence Michelle Hennessey
Claudia Michelle Hennessey
Asti Gwendoline Hennessey

Rafael Darrell Hennessey
Leo Darrell Hennessey
Cameron Philip Hennessey
Nathaniel Philip Hennessey
Ryan Drake Hennessey

Or any other names you could think of? Especially for boys.
Last name is Hennessey, in case you didn't realise. For girls, we would like to have either Charlotte or Michelle as a middle name, and for boys we would like either Darrell or Philip.

But I'm very open to suggestions at the moment. I'd like unique names, but not weird ones.

Answer on What do you think of these names?

Here's what i think of these names.

Darrelynne Charlotte Hennessey-Gonna be difficult to spell for the child in kindergarten.
Eve Hennessey-nothing special
Victoria Joan Hennessey-Cool name
Cadence Michelle Hennessey-not too good.
Claudia Michelle Hennessey-SUPERB is the word!
Asti Gwendoline Hennessey-too too long

Rafael Darrell Hennessey-kinda okay.
Leo Darrell Hennessey-nothing special
Cameron Philip Hennessey-reminds me of cameras.
Nathaniel Philip Hennessey-Boring.
Ryan Drake Hennessey-Finally,i've arrived on a name i like.But i feel you should change the Drake part to Darrell.