Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Which category does America fall in?

In terms of international tourism, countries seem to fall into two categories.
First there are countries that have one large, very famous city (usually also the capital). Examples include France (Paris), United Kingdom (London), Japan (Tokyo).

Second there are countries that have several famous cities, all providing different character to the country as a whole. Examples include Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice), China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong), and Spain (Barcelona, Madrid).

As an American myself, I obviously feel that America falls into this second category since I am very familiar with the distinct cultures of its cities: New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, etc.

However, to non-Americans, is the United States primarily known for New York alone. Or when you thing of "America," do other cities come to mind?

Answer on Which category does America fall in?

I have heard repeatedly teaching young students in foreign countries that they and/or their parents were afraid for them to come to America for vacation/study because New York/L.A is dangerous and there is a lot of crime...

When I say "Well, why don't you try a different city...there are lots of places to see/colleges to attend..

I just get a confused, blank stare.

I am often told how ignorant Americans are of other countries. So I am just saying...