Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Your thoughts on Usher?

do u think that his popularity is going down because he`s mentoring justin bieber?

Answer on Your thoughts on Usher?

I used to LOVE him,i practically worshiped him..then he found Justin Bieber.So now he's on my list of people to push off a building.

Special Lyrics for a Bedroom wall?

I'm decorating my room and I wanted some powerful and inspirtational lyrics on my wall, and i need some help!
If you don't mind suggesting some of your favourite meaningful lyrics...It would be greatly appreciated!!
Also, I'm more into the indie/rock/country genres rather than r&b and hip hop...
no selena gomez or anything like that aswell!

I love Ingrid michaelson
Jack Johnson
The Fray
Sara Bareilles

Thanks so much!

Answer on Special Lyrics for a Bedroom wall?

On my wall I have Bright Eyes. His lyrics are the most beautiful poetry I've ever heard although his voice sucks and I also have Radiohead because they're awesome. No but really check out Bright Eyes