Saturday, June 19, 2010

Healthy diet/lifestyle but not trying to lose weight (age 15, female)?

BTW, diet = not an actual diet it just means your meals in general.

K so anyway, I'm 15, female, and about 5'3 and 100 pounds. I'm not trying to lose weight, but I am trying to eat healthier. I made my new years resolution to eat healthier, because in the past I have not really cared about my health, cause I thought just being skinny meant that you were healthy. But a while ago, I realized this was not the case. I have very fragile/weak knees, my neck is always sore, (this may be from cracking it also), and get stomach aches frequently, my back is VERY sore most of the time, and I can't run for very long without losing my breath or becoming sore.

I used to eat Dairy Queen like every 3 days, if not more, consistently for the past 3 weeks. But I have been clean from Dairy Queen for the past 2 weeks, and I am proud of myself.
Here is how I think my healthy diet should go:

Breakfast: Around 7am-10am, either a large fruit smoothie (homemade), a bowl of healthy cereal (oatmeal crisp/life/other), with homo milk. (by the way what is the healthiest milk, keep in mind i am not trying to lose any weight.

Lunch: Canned Soup with crackers (either tomato/mushroom/chicken noodle, with salted crackers), OR a tomato sandwich, sometimes something else like fried ham, sausage. Glass of milk or water.

Supper: I usually have supper with my family, and it is usually pretty healthy. Some sort of meat, usually some vegetables, rice, potatoes, glass of milk or water.

Snacks: Orange, Apple, Toast with jam and peanut butter, sausage or something else like crackers maybe.

Also, I don't eat that much meat, but I do eat some, and I don't drink lots of water.

Thanks! ^^

Answer on Healthy diet/lifestyle but not trying to lose weight (age 15, female)?

You're not eatting enough for you're age and height.
A girl you're age- for proper growth, development/ hormone develpoment and reproductive/ digestive health should be eatting 2,000 calories per day and more if overly active.

Try this:
Breakfast: Go with the cereal!
1-2 Cups wholegrain cereal (oatmeal crisp/ life/ etc ..) with 250mL 1-2% milk or soymilk and a serving of fruit (1/4 cup dried, 1/2 cup berries, chopped banana, medium fruit, or 125mL fruit- juice)
(They say 2% milk is the most healthiest - greatest in vitamins)

Lunch: Canned beef- chicken/ lentil/ and- or bean based soup with wholegrain crackers and 1oz cheese (cheese string) with crunchy vegetables.
Lean deli meat sandwhich (3 slices turkey/ chicken/ ham or roast beef- or 2tbsp hummus) with vegetable condiments (tomatoe, lettuce, etc ..) a slice of cheese and healthy spread like .. honey mustard/ mustard, salad dressing, margerine, olive oil mayonaise, hummus, etc ..with a 250mL (1cup) 2% milk.

Dinner: 3-4oz Lean meat, with 3/4 cup cooked vegetables and 1/2 cup wholegrain startch/ potatoes.
Consume with 250mL (1cup) 2% milk.

Snacks: Orange/ apple, wholewheat toast with natural jam and natural smooth/ crunchy peanut butter, turkey sasuage, wholegrain crackers with white canned tuna, cheese, or hummus, etc ..