Friday, July 2, 2010

Atkins: Reverse Atkins possible?

Atkins Diet suggest start from Phase I (well it gives flexibility to start from any phase) with eating 20g net carbs a day. For instance, I eat like so much carbs per day now (I plan to start Atkins in a week), wouldn't this be a drastic shock for my body to switch from a high-carb diet as of now to a very very low carb diet in a week from now?

Rather than this, what if I gradually reduce my net carb intake by say 20g per day i.e. say if I eat 200g carbs per day now, let me start with 180g per day for one week, then 2nd week: 160g of net carbs and 3rd week: 140g and so on. This is similar to Atkins in reverse.

Do you think this will work? How fast and how slow? What extra do I have to do to achieve approx. 50 lbs weight loss (I currently weigh: 200 lbs, 5'7 tall and BMI: 31) if I follow this reverse Atkins as compared to the regular Atkins?

I am scared if I go on the Atkins a week from now, I might get low BP and won't be able to concentrate on work, daily activities and might collapse due to weakness etc. Atkins does mention people do struggle for the first 2 weeks of Induction - I hope nothing drastic happens to me.

Answer on Atkins: Reverse Atkins possible?

It's not letting me answer your other question & your calorie plan is too low - answer added below

The whole purpose of Atkins program is to quickly get past the carb addiction. After 3 days, Atkins program creates a natural appetite suppression that makes making healthy choices *so* much easier. I recommend planning to overeat the first 3 days with low carb choices - eat SO much you won't feel deprived. The first day isn't bad, but the second & third day, your body is driving you to eat. I ate devilled eggs every time I wanted *something*. I recommend starting the program on a Friday, that gives you Saturday & Sunday (the 2 worst days) to recuperate at home & by Monday, you should be fine.

Carbs create cravings for more carbs. Anyone who gains 30# or more is highly sensitive to carbs & more than likely insulin resistant. Lowering carbs, usually triggers the bodies demand for carbs. No one said the first few days weren't hard, but the body adjusts.

I recommend dissolving half teaspoon each of UNrefined salt, potassium & ascorbic acid (vit.C) in 6-8 oz of water & drink every morning to replenish electrolytes. This should alleviate fatigue, headaches, dizziness or constipation caused by dehydration. Make sure you drink lots of water.

The first 6 weeks of Atkins program, you have once in a lifetime chance to maximize fat loss (if you keep calories high enough & don't cheat with carbs)

Unfortunately, anyone who accumulates over 30# of excess fat is more than likely insulin resistant. Long term ingestion of highly refined carbs "burn out" the insulin receptors on muscle cells, so calories go directly to fat cells, leaving muscle cells screaming for nutrition. Exercise forces muscles to accept glucose out of the bloodstream without the need for insulin.

Most people get obese because their bodies just can't process carbs any more. They become insulin resistant & carbs go straight to fat cells. As healthy as fruit may be, it just doesn't promote fat loss. The body won't release fat stores until the blood stream is free of insulin. In someone insulin resistant, the insulin response is too sensitive & produces too much insulin.

Your calorie plan is too low, add these 2 items to give you more calories & needed nutrition & fiber. You need the additional potassium from the avocado for awhile & fiber from the ground flax seeds. Remember, high calorie levels don't matter, you could double your calories & be fine - only low calories matter.

Your plan looks pretty good except you need to eat protein/fats with any carbs (vegs) & not separately this will minimize the body's reaction, make sure you add a fatty dressing (mayo, ranch, caesar, etc.) to the salad also. (maybe you could have 2-3 drumsticks & a cup (or 2) of salad at 10-1-4-7pm for a total of 8-12 drumsticks?) Add butter to your scrambled eggs & go lightly on the cream in eggs. You really are only allowed 1.5 ounces of cream/sour cream a day but since you aren't accessing your 3-4 ounces of cheese daily, it should be fine. Your plan looks like it will get boring quickly - check the recipe sections for more ideas. Devilled eggs & cream cheese on celery were my saving grace during the first few days.

Every day you should be eating these 2 items. If you need additional fat or calories, you can add a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil to the ground flax seed cereal. I highly recommend virgin coconut oil for people needing quick energy - coconut oil is the only fat that is converted to quick energy like a carb.

Half an avocado mashed with 2 ounces of mayo seasoned with cayenne & eaten with pork rinds or celery.

Ground flax seed (4 Tbsp) 1/4 cup water, artificial sweetener, mix in a raw egg - let sit 10 min. to absorb liquid, put some cream cheese in the middle & nuke 2 min for daily fiber needs.

How different is Austria from Italy and Switzerland?

i went to italy and switzeralnd last summer for a holiday. This year am planning austria, czech, hungary and may be germany. Are these places going to be similar to Italy or Switzerland. Pls advise. Thx

Answer on How different is Austria from Italy and Switzerland?

You probably noticed a fair difference in the culture between Italy and Switzerland - even if you were in the mountainous areas of Italy. First off, language is a big difference, and then everything from house construction to food can be different.

Austria will be more similar to Switzerland as there are many German-speakers in Switzerland, and German is the language in Austria. Despite that, there are numerous differences, starting with the food. Austrian cuisine is a mixture of influences, but you will probably find it to be closer to German cuisine than anything else.

Furthermore, it depends where in Austria you are going. Vienna is a completely unique city with different architecture and sites that you will have seen anywhere else.

I think the short answer is that it will be similar enough that you will not feel like you are completely lost in the country, yet it will be different enough that you will be glad you decided to explore yet another country.

Have a great trip!