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What are Jinns exactly made up of?

I know the Quran says they are made from smokeless fire. Now what exactly is this smokeless fire? Some people concluded that it could be plasma. But these days, I am beginning to think that it is the same element we see in the sky during thunderstorm. The light we see looks like fire, but does not give off smoke. We all know that satan is a Jinn. Many illuminati celebrities try to show his power by drawing a lightning bolt on their face as a part of makeup. You can watch lady gaga in the just dance video or David bowie on google to know it. Even picachu, japanese anime/video game character has its tail drawn like lightning bolt. An ex satanist in a lecture said it is a symbolism of satan. Whats your take on this? Do you think this smokeless fire is the same as the particles found in the light of the thunder?

Answer on What are Jinns exactly made up of?

Salam Alaykum..

Jinn are one of the creation of Almighty Allah. Almighty Allah stated in Sura Rehman ; in verse [55:15] "And the jinns We created from a smokeless flame of fire".

According to my research, Jinns are made from some kind of Photons or some thing more beyond then what science have on their spectrum because As Allah Almighty said that We have made the jinns from the smoke less fire, and we all know that fire is made from photons or rays of different frequencies emitted when charged electrons jump from higher orbit to lower one. So the Jinns are made up of some kind of rays which our science is still handicap to discover it. And there are infinitive proofs and incidents that Jinns do exists in this world and they do live with us from which we are unaware.

They have exquisite and elegant bodies like thick smoke. They also have the nature to mold them selves according to the place e.g. like water acquires the shape of the container.

They are not like human beings in appearance because as Almighty Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran that, " the jinns We created from a smokeless flame of fire", so there is a question does fire has any posture.

They have tall heights ( e.g. 15 feet but it varies as which species they belong to), their eyes are like unripe mango shape with iris like cat eyes and etc.

When the Jinns are made out of fire and fire is invisible as according to my first point, so that is a very logical reason that we can't see them. They have different sect, races, casts and tribes as well like Human however human beings are all alike in their structure on the contrary Jinns have different species which are different in their structure e.g. some jinns live in seas and rivers

The female Jinni, after their age of puberty, can bear children after every three month. They can give birth 40 jinns at a time. So guess how rapidly they reproduce every year. More interestingly the Jinn's child can walk after one hour of his/her birth.

They can move very fast let me give an example; they can travel around the world in a flip of an eye. If you read Sura Al-Naml you will find lots of things their about jinns too.

They have different natures with different level of understanding, every jinns does not have common sense. They will do what they are told to do, nothing more or less. They also don't have patience's like Humans. They are always in hastiness and hurry.

Their are two main groups of Jinns, of different belief and ethics, one of them are Holy Jinns (Sunni Muslim Jinns) and others are Evil Jinns. The Holy Jinns does not harm any one at all unless someone does not molest them and they keep them selves busy in the worship of Almighty Allah and pray Durood on His Holy Prophet Mohammad sallal laahu alaihi wasallam On the opposite side the Evil Jinns vex and do harm to people. Let's not go in so much detail at the moment.

Yes there is interaction between Jinns and the human bodies. There is a huge logic behind this. Yes Jinns can perform physical work and the most bright example of this is Jinns are the Ummat (nation/followers) of Prophet Sulaiman a.s. And Jinns used to carry Sulaiman's r.a. throne, we think this is a very logical proof of Jinns doing physical work. And this interaction is still there in 21st century. To find out more about Jinns contact us and discover more.

Is this a healthy meal plan?

I am trying to keep my weight of 95 pounds stable with a 1,000 cal. - 1,500 cal. diet. Would this example meal plan be healthy for one day (it is approximately 1,050 calories)?

Breakfast: 1/2 cup cooked quinoa in 1 cup of coconut milk
Snack: 1 apple and kale smoothie
Lunch: 1 slice of ezekiel bread w/ 1 mashed banana and peanut butter
Snack: 1 cup of blueberries in 1 cup of coconut milk
Dinner: 1 artichoke (no dip)
(Of course, I'll also be drinking water between meals.)

Additional details:
I am vegan, and I take vegan B12 and Iron supplements.
I am 5'2, so 95 pounds is a healthy weight for me (perhaps slightly underweight).
I am not trying to lose weight; I am trying to maintain my current weight / gain weight.
I am currently very inactive, so I will not not be burning many calories. However, I will increase my calories when I become active again.
If your answer is "not healthy," could you please explain why and how I could improve it? More protein? More variety?

Please, no rude comments. Thank you!

Answer on Is this a healthy meal plan?

It looks like a healthy start. There is a good mix of veggies & fruits!
I'd say the problem is the low calories & the high saturated fat content. I don't know your age, but for any age group with your stats, 1050 cals is too low. Even if you sit on the couch all day, your basal metabolic rate will burn more than 1050.

As far as the food, coconut milk is great! But it is loaded with saturated fat & has basically no calcium. I would substitute soy milk (loaded with calcium & B12 & almost fat-free) into your snack.
I would definitely add protein into your diet. My favorites are black beans with salsa & nutritional yeast, tofu cooked with kale and black bean sauce (no rice).

If you drank soy milk & ate nutritional yeast, you wouldn't need to take B12 supplements! 1 cup of Silk soymilk = 1/2 your daily B12 needs, 1 TBS of nutritional yeast = 60% your daily need!

Hope this helps! Here is a link on basal metabolic rate. I really think you should reconsider your calorie intake.