Sunday, September 26, 2010

My boyfriend treats me really bad?

we've been together for almost 3 months.(ive known him since 5th grade)
hes really controlling & jealous. (he made me erase facebook, myspace & twitter)
he doesnt let me go out with any of my friends. (he doesnt go out either)
he even gets mad when i go somewhere with my family. (hes always with his aunts or grandmother)
when i dont do what he wants me to do he gets pissed off and treats me bad for days or untill i do what he wants.
about a month ago he got violent and pulled me by the hair because i was texting my friend in front of him.

we've been fighting for the past like 3 days because i dont want to do anal.
he told me that if i dnt let him do it then he'll find somebody else to do it with.
and then i asked him if hes going to come see me tonight after work and he said
for what, why am i gonna waste my time.

now im a waste of time bc i dnt want to do anal? wtf

Answer on My boyfriend treats me really bad?

You have serious self-esteem issues. This is not normal behavior. You need to leave him now. If you can't understand why, go see a therapist. Trust me, just leave him.