Friday, October 22, 2010

Help with best friends that hate each other?

i am going on a school trip in a couple of weeks to italy my first problem is that me and one of my friends put our names down to share with this other girl and we get on with this girl sometimes and she makes us laugh but she cn be very nasty and bitchy and she cn be incredibly dominating i get worried that she may really upset my friend and i don't know what to do. my second problem is on the coach journey my 2 best friends want to sit next to me and these friends hate each other so i cannot sit in a three so i said that i will sit next to one of them on the way and they other on the way back but that is not good enough for them i am worried that i am going to end up not enjoying the trip. its a skiing trip and because i have skied thepast i am in a different ski group to them but i am still worried that i wont enjoy my time becuse ofbecausergueing what do i do ??

Answer on Help with best friends that hate each other?

Don't sit with anyone.
If she's bitchy, you can either avoid or just be hi bye friends. its not worth your saliva talking to bitchy people. OR you can focus on her good points, and don't think about her bad side! :D