Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why does she do this? Please help?

So there's this girl I really like, and I've asked about her on here before and people mostly seemed to think she liked me too. We talked the day away on Sunday on facebook. I mean hell she tagged me in two of her status updates that day alone. She didn't talk to me the past three days, but I put that out of my head since she wasn't on facebook at all of monday. Then yesterday she's on, whenever we are both on she usually immediately starts a conversation. But it didn't happen yesterday, I mean she was logging on and off and just logged off all together after a while. But the thing is, whenever we see each other she always looks at me. Like everyday at lunch when I walk into the cafeteria I am greeted by her eyes, I came to lunch early yesterday and I saw her always turning her body around to look at the entrance to see if I've come in yet. Then she see's me and looks over at my table every now and again. Passed by her outside today I was with a group of friends, (boys and girls) and she walks out of her classroom and looks at me. Then she dropped something, bent over to pick it up and looked at me again and took off. I tried texting her yesterday to no reply. And today at lunch I get into the line thats right in front of her table. She looked at me as I entered the line, and when I was right in front of her she didn't seem to look up even once, I think I caught one or two more glances toward my table and one more after lunch outside. Now the other thing is I've told her I liked her about 2 weeks ago, all she said was "oh its fine" Asked her to a dance too, she told me she couldn't because of scars. I'm ready to just give up on her. But I really don't want to. Please help?

Answer on Why does she do this? Please help?

I think you're right to give up on this one. She ignores you, she's hung up on something and won't go out with you (did she mean physical or emotional scars?). Where's the benefit to YOU here? Girls will stare, it happens. Look back at someone that actually likes you. Good luck!