Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is there a village in Alaska called Drake?

Okay, I know that Drake I would like to find out about is supposedly in southeastern Alaska, and it shouldn't be too far from Ketchikan. There should also be an airport fairly close. Does this village actually exist?

Answer on Is there a village in Alaska called Drake?

I used to live in Ketchikan and never heard of Drake.
There is a town called Kake. It's closer to Petersburg than Ketchikan and I traveled there in a seaplane.There is a town closer to Ketchikan, called Craig.
There are very few towns in Southeast Alaska that have airports. They are all on the map unless they are very new private airports, such as those owned by a private fishing lodge.
Someone has argued that Sir Francis Drake came to Alaska, but most people dispute this. They claim that he came to Prince of Wales Island, which is near Ketchikan. There is an atlas of southeastern Alaska by Stephen Hilson that lists all the abandoned towns and shipwrecks on the map. If this is really important to you, that may be a good resource to look at. You may also be able to find older maps at the Alaska State Library and in their online digital archives, called vilda.
Another resource for you would be the Dictionary of Alaska Place Names by Donald J. Orth.
Good Luck! I hope that you find what you are looking for.