Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Am I the only one who thinks it's okay to lose weight without people pestering you about how thin you've become? I mean, what's wrong with wanting to be thin? People ridicule fat people all the time, so why wouldn't sensitive people decide to get thin to avoid being ridiculed? This controversy is weird. We don't want to see overweight people because we think they're disgusting. But at the same time we get scared when people feel determined to eat less, get active, and lose weight. Or is it jealousy? We don't want others to look their best? We don't want them to look young and healthy? Yes, being thin makes you look young, isn't that a good thing? I don't understand why some clinics try to shove food into people's bodies all in the name of trying to get them to gain weight. But then you see all these ads in the media advertising weight loss. I'm not saying that people with eating disorders shouldn't be treated, but what shocks me is that the so-called nurses who treat those slim "anorexic" patients are fat asses themselves, like eww. What are they trying to say? That their bodies are more healthy?

Answer on Am I the only one who feels this way?

Well first, no you aren't the only one that shares such an opinion -- of course.

There is nothing wrong with desiring to be thin, especially with a concern for health and well being.

Fat, sensitive people, as you say -- do get thin for a number of reasons among them ceasing the comments -- however it isn't quite so easy and cut and dry. There are many pre-dispositions, medical conditions, environment factors and so on that prevent one from being in the socially acceptable range of 'body fat'. Some people can only healthily become so thin.. genetics play a huge role in this. Of course in America we have an epidemic of people who just eat poorly, lack exercise, and stay fat and unhealthy. This is due to our 'fast food', and social acceptability of the average 'overweight' person because of the sheer majority of such. Men get away with it more than women, as with most cosmetic things -- but not entirely of course.

We don't want to see people overweight for more than just our own visual appeal. I personally like to see someone thin down for their health benefit, to see their own psychological lifting and so on. I won't pretend I am above everyone else and look at thing strangers all day and feel extra good -- I, like most, think nothing of it.

Some people get scared , some are indifferent, and some are inspired -- the fear is from potential jealously and often self image issues of our own. Insecurities if you will.

Some don't want others at their best.. at all different levels. We know it is an inappropriate or 'rude' thought to have,.. but honestly most people want others to look worse so they have a better chance of measuring up to them or surpassing. Which, again, is a negative attitude -- but most of us share it on some level.

Thin can help you look more youthful, but being overly thin often has an aging effect. Being young is a good thing, looking young is only good to those who desire it -- not everyone wants to look younger than they are.. though it is a very common vanity.

The clinics making people with eating disorders, eat -- Well, it is their responsibility, healthy, and what they are paid to do. If they didn't do this they would very quickly be ineffective and unable to maintain a reputation for future business.

As for the nurses or even doctors being overweight themselves and treating people for similar problems -- well this logic is always flawed. Everyone is hypocritical on some level with their advice or 'demand'/'request' of someone other than themselves.. whether it be professional or non. Just because someone is or does something doesn't mean it is the right thing, or best. Further it doesn't keep said person from understanding and knowing the truth about what IS the right or best thing (most optimal).

This applies to cops who break the law, corrupt judges, politicians, religious leaders, etc. Do as I say not as I do is something everyone on this planet would 'practice' knowingly or not many times throughout their lives.

How these people deal, or live with their obvious or not so obvious hypocritical nature is likely very individualistic. In the case of the doctor/nurse many probably feel no effect -- either numb to it, or likely feel empowered above their patients and therefore the same rules do not apply to them because they aren't "sick" or they feel 'fine'.. etc.

Thin, in and of itself is just an adjective and what our society considers right. Technically it is not healthy.. there are many unhealthy thin people. Though thin is more commonly attributed to health than non for very rational and some irrational reasons.