Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I am becoming vegan, but I do not want to gain weight. HELP?

Hello everyone,
I am turning vegan due to personal health reasons. But after researching a general vegans diet ive noticed alot of their foods are high in fat. I am scared that I will gain weight. I would love to hear of any tips from vegan themselves or good substitutes for foods that I can no longer eat! Also any daily diets that vegans can give to me!
Thanks guys
Any Vegan information will be appreciated!

Answer on I am becoming vegan, but I do not want to gain weight. HELP?

You will not gain weight if anything you will lose weight!
I just sent you an email on all sorts of vegan info :)
There is a way to be an unhealthy vegan, like only eating french fries, which are vegan if not fried in lard which they rarely are, or only eating vegan desserts and breads and pastas.
Here is the email I sent you:
Of course!
Going vegan is the best thing I've done for my health and personal being. I do it for my health as well for my love for animals.
As a vegan, we are often told that we can't get enough protein that you get from meat and dairy, this is a total myth!
I don't know if you drink milk on a daily basis or not or if it's in your fridge, but there are plenty of milk substitutes out there that are delicious and 100% vegan.
Soy, rice, almond, hemp, and oat milk. I drink almond milk, it has more calcium and vitamin D than milk does and it has antioxidants and vitamin E.
Check out this link for more information:;r=1
Protein is found in ample amounts in the following foods:
Sprouts (55% of the calories in sprouts are calories from protein)
Nuts (20% " ")
Green leafy vegetables (35 to 50% " ")
Other vegetables
Tofu and other meat substitutes like veggie burgers
Soy cheese and yogurts
I would reccomend you take a vitamin supplement with Vitamin B12, because that is only found in animal based products. Thats really the only thing you need to worry about not getting, and it can be found in pill form very easily.
I found that when I first went vegan, I was craving anything sweet, like chocolate & desserts, since before that was all desserts that contain dairy products, so I was having withdrawals!
Little did I know that vegans can have dessert too! And chocolate!
Here is a link with plenty of easy vegan dessert recipes:…
Cocoa powder is completely vegan, so it is easy to work that into your desserts with sugar and still get that same effect. I have made the chocolate pudding on that recipe list and it is to die for!! I also made the banana cake and rice pudding.
The best cheese substitute that I have found is Daiya, it tastes like real cheese! But it is 100% vegan, here is a link:
As for butter, I've tried several vegan butters but the best one in my opinion is Earth Balance, its good on anything you would normally put butter on and its great for baking.

Being vegan is a healthy, positive step that a person can take to improve their health, take a stand and change the world.
I hope this has helped and if you have any further questions I would be more than happy to help! I have been vegan now for 6 months, before that I was vegetarian for two years. I plan to stay vegan for a very long time :)

God Bless and Happy veganism!