Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anybody ever been to Rome, Italy?

Just wondering how much it will cost to tour the ancient part of the city and stay in hotels? Am considering about a weeks time sometime this summer. Thank you.

Answer on Anybody ever been to Rome, Italy?

Why do you have this posted in the ethnic food section rather than in Travel Italy? Anyway, the prices of hotels here in Itlay can vary a lot depending on exactly when you'll be here. The hotel I stayed in for Carnevale in Venice was 150 euro per night the 1st weekend of the festival, 400 euro the 2nd weekend and 80 euro after Carnevale ended. It's up to 140 euro now and will rise as the tourist season picks up.

You can check this site for prices on the dates you're interested in being in Rome: . The hotel Romano is often a good trade off between price and location, but there are some periods where all the hotels are expensive. It's right across the street from the Forum.…

You can walk around the ancient area for free. Prices to get into places depend on where you're from EU citizens can get into the Colosseum for free. Others can get in for 12 euro and the ticket also gets you into the Pallatine Hills area and the Forum area.