Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who is the Best-Rapper that still makes music?

Okay, Big question! There are alot of possabilities, Personally I'll name my Top-5 Rappers that still make music:
2:Lil Wayne

Okay, Now time to support my answers.
We'll start from 5, to the best which is 1.

Drake- I know....I know, He is new, But he is raw and his voice is simply AMAZING! I know that I hate rappers that rap bout success and how good they are, That's why Jay Z Isn't on here...and plus he sucks. Anyways Drake makes good music, With catchy lines. I didn't choose him becuz I love Degrassi, But becuz Im into Rap right now and he is one of the Artists that take up most of the room on my playlist. I stand by my decision.

Ludacris- OMG! Ludacris is a god! He is one of the best ever, I bought Battle Of The Sexes, His newest album, I would just like to say....It's pretty awesome. I mean his flow, rhythym, and lyrics are just fan-frikken-tastic. Luda is one of tha best, A future legend.

Dr.Dre- Yo, Dre. There's not much to say...Jk there's lots to say. From his days with NWA and Eazy-E(I would have chose him, If he were alive, R.I.P.) To his solo album, The Chronic, Dr.Dre is still a great rapper. Not only that but is an amazing producer, And look up some songs of Eminem's with Dre in it, and Dre's lines are pretty good.

Lil Wayne- HAAA! Young Weezy! He is a true legend in the rap game. Time will stand still when Young Wayne leaves the game. His lyrics...Well gah! I mean for a b.g. that raps, They're actually pretty good. Okay, I mean Rebirth sucks.....BIG TIME! But that's not his rapping, thats his rock. Which sucks, Anyways Tha Carter III is one of the best Rap Albums of all time. Lil Wayne is one of my favorite Rappers EVER!

Eminem- Okay, This guy blows all tha other rappers out of the water. I mean, He's so fast, and his lines make sense, he has a great sense of humor. Sure Relapse might of been bout Strangling lesbians after he gets them pregnant and melting babies, and sticking umbrella in a girls V Zone and opening it up. Eminem is the BEST OF ALL TIME! I mean, I can listen to one of his songs 30 times before i can say one of his lines as fast as he does. He curses, But just the right amount. I mean, I can't say enough about Eminem.

Okay, So I gave you my list, Now give me your list, Tell me whats wrong with mine, Or just comment and say "Nice choices" or "you suck, you retard!" Thanks for readin :D

Answer on Who is the Best-Rapper that still makes music?

Actually i pre much i agree with you! And yer drake is good as haha but my top 5 would be like 1. Eminem (this guy is priceless gawsh ever since when im gone ive loved him) 2. Lil Wayne 3. T.I 4. Drake 4. Jay-Z and 5. He is old but he is so good VANILLA ICE ICE ICE BABY HE RAPS SOOO FAST IM PRE GOOD ON SINSTAR THOUGH LMAO Anyways i like all rap let me know if u find any new rapstars! You should check out Young Moneys Bed Rock!!