Friday, February 4, 2011

Breast reduction, weight loss, pregnancy dillemma/obbession!! Help!!?

Ok so I am about 5'6" tall and i weigh 177 lbs. I think that it is mostly because I have a lot of muscle and large breasts. But me fat if you must....heres a pic: Anyways, I had a baby in January 2008 which i had ballooned from 186 (in april 07) to 228 when I delivered my son. I have done various things to lose weight such as dance and diet pills (hate them) and that got me down to 195 and then finally the atkins diet which has brought me to 177. Well, I have plateaued (equilibrium, sorry for spelling) and i am pretty upset. My boobs are still about a 40 dd, but i try to squeeze them into my old 38 d's which have not fit me since i got prego. I have terrible back pain, want smaller boobs, and really want to be about 140 lbs. OR LESS. I still would like to have more children...ideally 2 more, but i dont know what to do...should i get a breast reduction first, try to lose weight more or just have the kids and then fix my body?

Answer on Breast reduction, weight loss, pregnancy dillemma/obbession!! Help!!?

If you have back pain it would greatly alleviate it. It can also be covered by insurance which covered my surgery 100%.