Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is acia pure ok repost from womens health?

have had weight problems for a while but i got engaged in january and i was like a size 11 at the time and i am now goign on a size 15 and its driving me nuts casue 2 years ago i was a size 7/8 i was looking into weight loss stuff and i saw that acci pure is the best of the pills . i dont want to hear about how bad they are for you and that they dont work unless you took them and they didnt work if you didnt take them dont answer. i need somthing to cut this back i want to be 140 july 7th and i am like 160 to 163 right now and continueing to gain weight even though i cut down the fat shortend my portions and watch my calorie intake and i am walking alot more since it is warm now nothing is working
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Additional Details
when i got engaged i started birth control sorry i forgot to put that i am not sexually active but i wanted to start BC so i didnt get pregnant on the honey moon
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Answer on Is acia pure ok repost from womens health?

Yes acia pure does have a good reputation and is probably the best weight loss pill out there.