Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to tell a friend she stinks?!?

My best friend allways has bad breath and her hair stinks and even she stinks, like she sweats for days and dosent take a shower, its disgusting, but shes my best friend and i love her, what should i do?!

Answer on How to tell a friend she stinks?!?

Aww,so sorry.tell her:
Look bestie,I love you so much and because I do,I don't want you to go around making a mess outta yourself.I don't want you to be mad or sad about it,I'll always be here for you.but....your hair always smells kinda funny,you need an extreme shower and if you want I can do your makeup! I also have this awesome gum we can both chew! I'm not trying to make fun of you but I love you and I want you to always look the best.I'll help through this change but you always smell weird,I'm know scientifically it can carry various deseases if you don't shower or be clean.I don't want you to like die,I love you please don't be will you help me survive too cause I'm the one getting the germs?"

Hopes this helps and remember no kindness is ever gonna not hurt a being.she's still gonna be a bit hurt but she's gonna thank you after she's all healthy and dating cute guys.brave up,I told my friend the truth too and we have been stuck Like glue ever since.honsety is the best policy(: