Sunday, April 17, 2011

How would you deal with a MIL like this...?

The past, 12 years ago, she was awful. Tried to break us apart. Didn't think he's stayed with me and so she really pushed it. Now 12 years later, moved miles away from her, had a baby this year, her first and we try to stay in touch better because of it. I forgave her in my own heart, years ago. But I don't trust her. She's jealous and nosy to this day. But she tries to act fake and nice and that's good enough. Bit what I can't do, is be her daughter. She started this new thing since baby was born, she calls us all three her youngins now. She wants to act like she's the big momma over us all. And wants me to be like a daughter and I can't do that. She's welcome to be who she is, abs that's my husband mother and my baby's grandmother. But why do I need to be a daughter?

She reffers to my baby as her baby. She calls them both her boys, and posts under pics of them on facebook saying "looks, it's mommies big and little baby boys" aren't I the mommy of the little one? Why won't she just be grandma? I've been gracious and uplfting of her to everyone, respecting her as who she is, because I love my husband and son. But I'm an adult and a mother now. Why can she only treat me like one of the youngins? She doesn't have that role with me. Thanks for reading..

Answer on How would you deal with a MIL like this...?

You should look at it like this; the more she says stuff like that, the more the people who read her posts realize she's overstepping her bounds. Just understand that people don't fool easily, and even though they don't say anything because it's technically none of their business, they realize that she is belittling you. By ignoring it, you come off as the bigger, better person.
I just hope she's doing a lot of babysitting, since she seems to want the responsibility of parenthood so badly.