Saturday, May 14, 2011

How do you use Twitter?

Hi, I have facebook and I'm planning on opening up Twitter.

My questions on Twitter are:
* How do you contact people on Twitter?
* Can you add people on Twitter like on FB (if not please state alternative)?
* Can you just follow anybody on Twitter?
* How do you look for friends on Twitter?
* Can you send direct messages to people on Twitter?
* Can you message just anybody on Twitter?

Answer on How do you use Twitter?

Twitter is like facebook in a lot of ways - it's not friend oriented though. It's celebrity oriented.
You can follow ANYONE, and then their tweets (like statuses) appear on your homepage.

You don't add people you follow them, and they follow you. Then you both see each others tweets.

Yup, You can follow anyone, they might make their security so they have to confirm it but 99% don't.

You search for their username or by their email addresses.

Yeah - Sending messages is easy enough. If you don't get it just say in additional details and i'll provide more help.

Yeah - You can message anyone. Even celebrities. But it might not be their profile. Just some fan..

Hope it helps :)

MrSimpson x