Monday, July 25, 2011

How can I style my hair like Lady Gaga in this picture?…

I just got my hair cut to look like this. Now I need to know how I can style it everyday to look like it!

This is Lady Gaga's natural hair style and color, which I think is gorgeous. I love her and I also love this cut. Thanks for your help! :)

Answer on How can I style my hair like Lady Gaga in this picture?

Good choice.
First, curl your bangs.
Curl them so they don't look as if they are glued to your head, but as if they are popping off slightly.
Next curl your hair. All of it. Big luxurious curls, that bounce. Only brush it out if you don't want it to be so prominent. Finally, take some styling gell and rub it together on your hands. Scrunch your curls, and part your hair so a majority of it is in front of your shoulders. You want to make it a very whispy look, but still cute and charming. Run your hands (with the gell) through your hair, until it gets to that perfectly messy look. Tease the top slightly if need.

At lastly, hairspray, so the curls don't lose form. Good luck!(: