Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Verbally Abusive Wife?

OK I appreciate you guys reading this as I really need help.

My wife and I have been together 5 years married for one with a 9 month old baby boy. We have had turbulent times and have had a years worth of counseling before we got married for anger issues on both our parts. We had not had any problems since then.

Yet, she has reverted to old behaviour in the last month. This last weekend was the worst I have ever seen her. The baby wakes up around 8 am and she says " wake up and help me feed the baby", I said ok no big deal. She then comes back and tells me to clean up the dirt my soccer shoes left on the mat because the baby might get it. I think ok your getting the bowl for the baby ill clean up the dirt. It took me less than 60 seconds and she flipped. I was going to feed the baby also. She went into how I never do anything and tells the baby I didnt want to feed him and I dont care for him. I became very upset because I believe the baby can understand what shes saying. I go to work during the week, then school after work, come home and play with baby and help wash him. On the weekends I help clean up and try to spend as much family time as I can. I do as much as I can possibly fit into my schedule to help and give love and attention.

.Later that night she became intoxicated and barges into the bedroom and demands the baby sleep in the crib. I said ok , but the baby cried for like 15 minutes so I brought him back into bed and we fell asleep. She decides to barge in again and at this point she is scaring the crap out of me and i dint want her handling my son. She forcibly tries to tear my kid from my arms and bites me in the process. I refuse to let him go as i thought she was a threat got him dressed and tell her were leaving. She hid my keys wallet and phone so i could not leave. So i just locked myself and the baby into the room. We have not spoken in days except for her telling me im a POS and D*CK. retard etc. I do not answer back.

I dont know what to do. I feel no matter what its never enough. I dont want to break my family up. I help as much as I can but I start graduate school in a few months, I will be less available then. She is a stay at home mom mostly. I feel the silent treatment is my only option so i dont fall into her trap of twisting it back on me or making the situation worse. When I try to talk to her I just get shut down or more verbal abuse. Any advice appreciated.

Answer on Verbally Abusive Wife?

wow, thats too bad. Woman have been the victims for so long and so much more then men that when a man claims abuse no body knows what to think. In reality, it happens alot more then you think, the thing is men dont report abuse because, number one, what man is willing to admit that his wife talks to him as though she has no respect for his feelings and there is little need for her to exert control because she knows he will not return the attack because he is a man and he loves his wife plus he isn't going to work tomorrow and tell his boss that his wife bites and scratches and insults him. Trying to preserve a shred of dignity men will keep quiet. The problem is how do you convey to your wife that what she is doing will not be acceptable and that you are establishing a limit. Then there has to be a action on your part to take what ever steps you feel appropriate and were set forth during your talk. Best to talk when she isn't melting down. Well, men tend to hang in there maybe too long. We sometimes have a much deeper commitment to the woman then they to us. The silent treatment is bad, don't do it. All that will do in most cases is give her the feeling that you don't care about her, if its attention she wants then that's the worst approach..if you get to a point where the thought of being without her makes you sigh with relief and when you consider your future you are unable to picture her in know what you must do. Good Luck !

For All Of You Who Hate Drake?

Guys, seriously, I saw him live and he was the sh!t ! Don't knock him till you see him live!Promise! Anyone seen him live?!

Answer on For All Of You Who Hate Drake?

yea in miami last night