Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Au pair in USA?

Hi, I'm from Italy, and i have couple of questions to ask:
My girlfriend is from Denmark and from this summer she'd like to do the Au pair in Usa (She will have a sabath year).. she looked on some website as etc..
She got a message from a family which contact her, but to answer them back she needs to become a Member, it sure?like paying by credit card etc?Is it a fraud? Families who offer like 400$ per week can be trusted? I think it is a fraud, cause for that much everybody would do it..
what u think? Which agency my girlfriend should contact, to be protected? and how much it costs? What does she need to do (like visa etc..)? Just explain me how it works and please answer at my questions as soon as possible.. Please it's very important..

Answer on Au pair in USA?

The U.S. regulations say that sponsors shall be required to compensate au pairs as below:

Compensated at a weekly rate based upon 45 hours per week and paid in conformance with the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act as interpreted and implemented by the United States Department of Labor. EduCare participants shall be compensated at a weekly rate that is 75% of the weekly rate paid to non-EduCare participants;

If $400 sounds like too much for 45 hours, then it may not be trustworthy. Starting July 24, 2008, $176.85 will be the weekly stipend (including room and board) for the standard
Au Pair. So, yes, $400 sounds high.