Friday, September 23, 2011

Tell me everything you know about Italy?

I need to know practically everything I am planning on moving there in about 11 years! Please Help!

I need to know good colleges there and where they are located

Crime rates,

whats the easiest way to get a visa,

what city to move to,

To move there from the US, do you need any medical shots [needles]?

How expensive is it?

What type of house should I get? Or apartment?

and just anything you think I should need to know! I am full blooded italian.

oh how much is $20,000 american money into Euros?

and what type of job to get.

I am really going to appreciate this, and 10 points for BEST ANSWER!

Grazie mille!


Answer on Tell me everything you know about Italy?

Il suo un luogo molto piacevole di visitare.
Ed il suo modellato come uno stivale.

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