Saturday, December 10, 2011

What is best to whear on a plane?

it has to be very sexy and pretty and unique (coz a guy i fancy the pants out of is gonna meet me there : O)
i'm goin from london to italy so has to be light coz its gonna be very hot there
plz guys help me, i want him to be like wow when he sees me!!!

Answer on What is best to whear on a plane?

Take some comfy flats to wear onboard and at the London airport, and just before landing, slip into some red stilettos to go with a figure-flattering white dress with simple detailing. Wear all your accessories in red and white- white for the heat, with a touch of red to spice it up. Try red earrings/belt with a white necklace. Take your stuff for the plane in a sexy statement bag and top of the look with some light sunglasses and a fresh, summer fragrance. If it's nippy in London, throw on a
Light leather jacket. Good luck! :)