Saturday, December 24, 2011

Will I be able to lose 30 pounds by the holidays with this plan?

I wanna lose about 25 lbs. I'm 140 lbs and 5'2" and my goal is to be at 110 - 117 by the holidays (so I can gain it all back hahahaha XD)

Here is my usual exercise/activity plan
After school/before dinner I have two options that I do:

1. This may sound silly, but my sibling and I like to pretend we're performing on stage like a band or something, and we just sing along to songs, but I do alot of running, jumping and dancing. It;s usually about an hour to an hour and 20 mins we do that, and I don't jump and stuff the whole time, I gotta catch my breath a little and it's probably around 30 - 45 minutes of that.....(it's fun so I'm more likely to do it and not get too bored or anything)


2. 45 minutes of cardio..........i usually do some on my bike and treadmill, mixing it up daily.......i may also start doing intense DDR on some days too. since I can't increase how long I do it, after two weeks of my normal speed on my, let's say my bike for an example, (30 - 36m) i'll increase my speed a little bit.

I'll do that Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

And then on Tues, Thurs and Sat:

I'll do my "concert" routine after school, and after dinner I'll do 30 minutes of strength training with things like:

Squats (i'll be doing different types, increasing reps every week)
Walking lunges (50 on each leg, increasing by 15 each week)
Pilates (I'll be doing different pilate routines for abs)
Push-ups (various types, also increasing reps)
Planks (various moves)

Etc etc

I'm also thinking about adding 30 minutes of cardio after dinner on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun....

And an example of what I plan on eating:


My breakfast will be either:

1. Frozen raspberries or some fruit or of some sort with two strips of vegetarian bacon wrapped around a little bit of lettuce with some mixed vegetables in the lettuce (sounds weird, but it's good) and a glass of skim milk and some green tea

2. Fruit and a whole wheat bagel with a serving of peanut butter, and skim milk and green tea

Snack 1: Fruit or carrots

Lunch, also a few different things I eat:

1. A vegetable burger on a whole wheat bagel with lettuce and mustard and either a piece of fruit (probably an apple) or some vegetables with it

2. Vegetarian fajitas made with tofu, carrots, onion and bellpepper, whole wheat tortilla shells and low fat monzarella cheese

3. A vegetable stir-fry made with tofu, potatoes, and other sorts of vegetables and maybe some fruit with it

Snack 2: Vegetables, probably carrot

Dinner: Either a large salad with cooked tofu or a fruit salad

Snack 3: If I need one, it will be fruit

And on my weekly cheat day I will eat a Skinny Cow brand of diet ice cream, 120 calories per serving (it's an ice cream bar so I don't serve it myself)

Calorie count for some of these foods:

Vegetarian morning star brand of bacon - 60 calories per serving (one serving is two slices
Veggie Burgers, also morning star - 110 calories
Wheat Bagels - 110 calories
Wheat Tortillas - 120 calories

And my green tea doesn't have any sugar in it.

I'll be drinking 3 liters of water a day, and eating about 1300 calories.
I'm also a vegetarian
I do not eat fish, chick peas, eggs, lentils or beans.

Does this sound good?

Answer on Will I be able to lose 30 pounds by the holidays with this plan?

Honestly I think it sounds good :) I think that you could honestly lose 30lbs by the holidays, don't be suprised if you lose more than that--if you stick with this of course :)

but all in all, your excercise routines sounds excellent, as well as your choise for food. remember with salads, you can not have salad dressing (instead use olive oil) & I think you should only treat yourself to the skinny cow ice cream, unless you've lost weight--use it as a reward and treat yourself when you've lost a few lbs.

:) but all together, excellent! I think you will reach your goal weight if you stick with it :) goodluck to you!