Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post love triangle drama help?

ok so this is gonna be long...
i dated a girl for a year. we had a terrible breakup. before she left for italy she had a thing with another girl named k, for about 3 weeks but claims it was nothing but sex. this happend in march.
i got back together with my girl 2 weeks ago. she knows i dont like k (i feel like she was the other woman, and shes just a btch). anyway. my girl and k havent talked in a while but recently k left a message on her myspace "Listening to T&S and really really missing you.
Smooch! =)"
i wrote k this message..."Hi, Your comments to A (my girl) are making me uncomfortable. A would feel the same way if she saw simliar comments on my page. So please stop. Thanks!" I told A that i was confronting k and she approved the message. cause im trying to hate all her exes.
this is what k replied "Hey, Um, I’m pretty sure that you have no right to ask me that. #1…of the 41 comments that are sitting on her page right now, not including my own, 24 people (that’s over half) said they missed her so don’t act like me saying it is anything special. #2…I’m pretty sure A doesn’t feel the same way. She has to approve any comments that go up. While I may not be here to create problems between the two of you, I’m not going to let someone I don’t know tell me how to express myself to my friends. You being uncomfortable is an issue that you have to deal with, not me. I don’t go around telling you what to say to your friends. If I miss her, I’ll tell her. Thanks"

what a btch right? i dont think my message was rude and for her to come back like that after waiting a week to respond is a bit ridiculous. how can i tell my girl that this k girl is not a good person to have around? and what can i do to make her see this and hopefully end all communications with her? the problem is A doesnt want to be "mean."

if we're going to be in this relationship we have to back eachother up when confronting another person esp an ex. am i right?

Answer on Post love triangle drama help?

Talk to "a" about it. If you too love each other, things will be okay.