Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Went over my calorie count?! (10 points)?

I'm on a 1,400 calorie diet, and did really good all last week, but this week has been very difficult. Monday I had 1,700, Tuesday-1,500, and yesterday I had 2,100. Everything I've been eating is really healthy, but I always go over my calorie count. To keep this from effecting my weekly weight loss progress, I was considering only having 700 calories today and 900 tomorrow. Do you think that's reasonable, or am I just blowing things out of proportion? Tell me what you think I should do. Thanks :)

Answer on Went over my calorie count?! (10 points)?

You're worrying too much about "cheats". Just write off those days and remember a pound of fat is worth 3500 calories. So, if you're trying to maintain a 500 calories deficit, for example, and you over eat by 500 calories in a day you've only lost one day of dieting and, over the duration of your diet, that's negligible....only 2.3 ounces of fat not lost.

If you try to make up for "cheat" days, you just risk losing nutrition and that's not a good reason to try to make up for one lost day here and there. Many people factor "cheat" days into their diets...make them a part of their program. Some "cheat" as much as once per week. It makes it easier to give you the freedom to indulge yourself at important social events such as your birthday or someone's wedding or to just put your diet on hold so you can enjoy a Friday night curled up by the TV with a big delicious pizza. In the end, if you follow your diet most of the time, you'll lose.

It's better to gorge for a day and eat 1000 calories more than you should than to eat 100 calories more than you should for ten days. The body doesn't process food with 100% efficiency so the more you stuff yourself, the lower will be the percent of the food that get's processed (fully digested).

Here's my food intake and, if your page through it, you'll see I cheat on rare occasions and often exceed my goal by 100-200 calories. -->…

Just remember, diets are forever. Only the caloric intake changes from fat loss to maintenance. The food choices and macronutrient ratios should remain the same.

Good luck and good health!!

Lady Gaga Concert age requirement?

Me and my friend are 16 and 17 and are attending Lady Gaga's concert this Friday, but won't we be able to get in? I think we wouldn't have a problem, but I am just making sure.
We got VIP Little Monster Package.

Answer on Lady Gaga Concert age requirement?

no age requirement and the little monster package is the best